The Lithuanian SSR Society of Art Photography (1969-1989). An image production network
The Lithuanian SSR Society of Art Photography (1969-1989). An image production network

Vytautas Michelkevičius

The monograph reveals how a specific usage of the medium – art photography – emerged in Lithuania in the 1960s-1980s. It examines the way in which photography became established as a new artistic medium; identifies the dominant types of subject matter that existed at that time and provides reasons for their popularity, and examines the nature of the interaction between art photographers’ individual intentions and collective Socialist Realism principles. The monograph also looks at the factors that enabled the photography institution (the LSSR Society of Art Photography) to become a highly efficient laboratory for the production and distribution of images; an institution which was well-known throughout the Soviet Union, as well as th West.

This book is not just an account of the way in which one could become an artist and a renowned photographer during Soviet times, or what was at play in the sphere of everyday media culture at that time, but also an engaging exhibition of both previously unpublished archive shots and famous art photography works, as well as posters that were produced to advertise the photography exhibitions of that era.

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Leidimo metai / Release date: 2011
Apimtis / Pages: 416
Viršeliai / Covers: minkšti / paperback
ISBN 978-609-447-033-2
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