Call for papers!

The Institute of Art Research at Vilnius Academy of Arts calls for papers for the 100th volume of Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis

Anniversary: The Past Made Present

50, 100, 200, 1 000 years... As if a bookmark in a calendar, an anniversary stops briefly the ordinary flow of years distinguishing and honouring communities, institutions, places, and persons.

In what ways anniversaries activate our memory? On what social rites they rely? What visual means are employed to evoke the memory and to capture the meaning and continuity of an event? What are the stories behind commemorative and anniversary artworks and artefacts (from monuments to postcards, souvenirs, etc.)? What are their destinies after the anniversaries have passed? As mementos and appraisals of an event or a phenomenon, are they themselves being remembered? How to discuss the anniversary thinking and its meaning for historical consciousness, and culture and politics of memory?

We invite previously unpublished contributions, including artistic research, on the conception, history, and social culture of anniversary, as well as research of anniversary artworks and artefacts with the focus on prominent tendencies, highlighted values, cultural and social contexts, etc.

The recommended length for articles is 4000–7000 words. Guidelines for Authors:

Abstracts and short bios: by 23 December 2019

Articles: by 30 April 2019

Email to: and

All articles are peer-reviewed and subject to EBSCO Publishing lists.

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