Acta Historiae Artium Balticae. Art and the Sacred. No. 2
Acta Historiae Artium Balticae. Art and the Sacred. No. 2

Generel editor G. Mickūnaitė

 The second issue of the AHAB comes out under the title of Art and the Sacred. Ritual and religious objects, today classified as art, were once not claimed as such. Clearly, artworks that were intended for religious services were not created on purely aesthetic grounds; they were not intended to be art works per se. Nevertheless, academic practice and discourse has treated them primarily as art even though the word ‘sacred’ is placed before the word ‘art’ in these discourses. In today’s scholarship, the proliferation of anthropological research vividly indicates the tensions that exist between art and what is considered sacred.

Release date: 2007
Format: 20 x 27 cm
Covers: soft
ISSN 1822-3818
Language: English
Price: 10,00 Euro
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