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New books

Danah Abdulla, Teresa Cisneros, Andrea Francke, Lolita Jablonskiene, Ieva Mazuraite-Novickiene, Achille Mbembe, Almira Ousmanova, Ieva Pleikiene, Marquard Smith, Michelle Williams Gamaker

Price: 15 €

Žygimantas Augustinas, Tom Corby, Tom Holert, Lolita Jablonskienė,Vytautas Michelkevičius, Ieva Pleikienė, Emily Pringle, Marquard Smith

Price: 15 €

Giorgio Ruggeri

OPEN HISTORY explores emerging practices aimed at exploring the World Wide Web as a space for popularising history.

Price: 15 €

Edited by Lina Michelkevičė ir Vytautas Michelkevičius

We invite you to traverse the imagination and knowledge of all the artists and researchers who contributed maps, diagrams, and texts to this atlas. Here, scientific and artistic modes of research interact with other practices: drawing, visualisation, mapping, mediation, and education.

Price: 27,25 € + shipping

Compiler and author of catalog comments Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė


Authors of texts
Aleksandra Aleksandravičiūtė
Viktoras Liutkus
Ramutė Rachlevičiūtė

Price: 45 €

Michelkevičius Vytautas
Translated by Jurij Dobriakov

Written within a curatorial practice and post-doctoral fellowship, it opens up perspectives of artistic research for artists, curators, researchers in the social sciences and humanities, and wider audiences.

Price: 20 €

Virtual Exhibition

Price: 10 €

Federica Martini & Vytautas Michelkevičius (eds.)

This book opens up a new field of discussion at the crossroads between contemporary art and critical tourism. 

Price: 20,0 Euro

Marija Drėmaitė, Vaidas Petrulis, Jūratė Tutlytė


Giving a sense to the architectural legacy of the second half of the XX century in today’s cities is one of the most complex urban planning and heritage protection issues.


Price: Sold Out

 Aliza Coen-Mushlin, Sergey Kravtsov, Vladimir Levin, Giedrė Mickūnaitė, Jurgita Šiaučiūnaitė-Verbickienė

 Synagogues constitute a substantial part of Lithuania’s sacred built heritage. 

Price: 60,00 Euro

Vytautas Michelkevičius

 This book is about the power of photography and the network it formed in everyday life and art of Lithuania in 1969–1989.

Price: 20,00 Euro

 Edited by Karolina Jakaite

 The year 1961 saw the establishment of the Design department, then called the Department of Artistic Construction of Industrial Products, at the Vilnius Academy of Art. Marking this occasion, one of the 2011 issues of Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis is dedicated to texts on design, which span both Lithuanian and international contexts. 

Price: 15,00 Euro

Edited by:
Romualdas Girkus,
Rimantas Šinkšnis,
Bartas Aleksandravičius

This DVD presents topographic maps of inter-war Lithuania
(1:25 000, 1:100 000, 1: 400 000) prepared by Lithuanian military topographers

Price: Sold Out

 Aliza Coen-Mushlin, Sergey Kravtsov, Vladimir Levin, Giedrė Mickūnaitė, Jurgita Šiaučiūnaitė-Verbickienė

Synagogues constitute a substantial part of Lithuania’s sacred built heritage. Until World War II there were about one thousand Jewish prayer houses in cities and towns of Lithuania, while today only about one hundred buildings are extant, many of them abandoned and in varied degree of preservation.  

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Edited by Renata Šukaitytė

A collection of articles in which scholars of the Baltic States look into the tendencies that informed their nations cinema during the last two decades.

Price: 10,00 Euro

Edited by Agnė Narušytė

This volume of Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis presents papers focusing on social, historical, ideological and inter-personal contexts of art

Price: 10,00 Euro

 Albertas Gurskas

The renowned calligrapher demonstrates the learning process in images rather than in words.

Price: Sold Out

Agnė Narušytė

This book discusses boredom as an aesthetic category that helps to explain a tendency in late 20th c. art to focus on everyday things, avoid definite meaning or create ‘nothing’.

Price: 20,00 Euro
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