Art of the Balts
Art of the Balts

This CD is the implemented vision of the international exhibition Art of the Balts coordinated by Vilnius Adademy of Arts in 2009, which was devoted to the commemoration of the millenium anniversary of Lithuania's name. Its major aim is to reveal the origins and development of the Baltic culture and art, to raise awareness of the creative legacy of the ethnic group of the Balts, which resided in the river basins of Dauguva and Nemunas, reached as far as cultural legacy can be the source of creative impulses fpr contemporary artists. Great attenton is paid to the Baltic art during the Metal Age, the periods, when major differences between East adn West Balts became prominent, when specific Baltic cultures had already formed or when individual Baltic tribes and the ancient state of Lithuania with their typical features of culture and art started to emerge.

Release date: 2009
Format: DVD
ISBN 97899558547562
Price: 10 €
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Edited by:
Romualdas Girkus,
Rimantas Šinkšnis,
Bartas Aleksandravičius

This DVD presents topographic maps of inter-war Lithuania
(1:25 000, 1:100 000, 1: 400 000) prepared by Lithuanian military topographers

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