Displace: A Migrating Art Academies compendium of ideas
Displace: A Migrating Art Academies compendium of ideas

Mindaugas Gapševičius

This book — the third Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) publication — marks the end of the third phase of the MigAA program, which, over the course of seven years has grown into a dynamic and vital network of art academies and universities, independent arts organizations, many hundreds of people, and endless ideas. The program has activated the concept of migration — that of resources, competencies, disciplines, and individuals — as a method for the production of knowledge, as it diversified and expanded both traditional understandings of creativity and traditional educational systems.

The series of international activities constituting the first phase — that led to MigAA’s initial formation — concluded with the publication of the volume Migrating Realities. It focused on notions surrounding migration and presented a collective overview of the concept from economic, political, artistic, and cultural perspectives. The second phase of the project — involving Several workshops “on the road” as it were — ended with a second publication, Migrating:Art:Academies:. This volume followed a group of emerging artists who were learning, collaborating, and producing while on the move.

Conducted over the last four years, phase three has seen an expanded and evolved MigAA network implementing a radical new scheme for creative collaboration and learning. This phase phase explored the process of developing ideas while being displaced: away from one’s usual environment at school, work, and home, and far from family and friends. This volume, suitably titled Displace, traces the wide-ranging results of this latest MigAA phase.

Release date: 2014
Pages: 416
Format: 15 x 21
Covers: paperback
Circulation: 1000
ISBN 978-609-447-143-8
Price: 5,45 €
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