The Lithuanian Millennium: History, Art and Culture
The Lithuanian Millennium: History, Art and Culture

Marius Iršenas with the help of Tojana Račiūnaitė

It was the first recorded appearance of the name of Lithuania in the Quedlinburg Annals in 1009 that bestowed meaning upon the subsequent 1000 years of the Lithuanian history. In 2009 Lithuania solemnly celebrated the millennium of this event. The celebration involved the organisation of exhibitions, conferences and other events, as well as the publication of a number of books. As a commemoration of this grand occasion, Vilnius Art Academy’s Art Research Institute prepared the publication Lietuva 1009–2009 (Lithuania 1009–2009). Thirty-eight authors—historians, art historians, cultural historians and specialists from a number of fields—produced the seventy essays that lay within the twenty chapters of this book.

The English version of this book was already being envisaged during the preparation of the Lithuanian version, although the realisation of this project only became possible four years later—when the project received funding from the Research Council of Lithuania.

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Algė Andriulytė

This publication presents a comprehensive discussion of the artist’s biography and work, highlighting his connections with Saint Petersburg’s Mir iskusstva and Poland’s Sztuka societies, and describes his travels around Western Europe and his ‘golden age’ of painting at the Bogdanov Estate. The book accentuates the artist’s special bond with Vilnius, which for him was more than just a city, rather, an entire country, whose citizen he proclaimed to be. 

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Lina Michelkevičė

Šios knygos idėja gimė stebint, kaip žmonių santykiai virsta noriai minkomu moliu Lietuvos meno scenoje. XXI a. pirmas dešimtmetis: ŠMC TV laidos naktiniame eteryje žongliruoja bendradarbiavimo pažadu; „Pro-testo laboratorijoje“ prie „Lietuvos“ kino teatro buriasi menininkai ir aktyvistai; kolektyvinis laisvalaikis verda improvizuotuose „Flash baruose“

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